20 October 2016

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands 2015

Open to the public for only a few weeks in the spring, Keukenhof is a globally-renowned attraction for garden and park lovers. But employees work year-round to plan the annual spring showing with millions of flowering bulbs and flower grower exhibitions, all the best of Holland's admired horticulture in a peerless display.

The day we spent there was on the cool side; you need an entire day to explore. A bit of rain at noon sent visitors into the cafes and restaurants for soup, sandwiches, pastries. Each year a new theme is offered; in 2015 it was homage to native son Vincent Van Gogh. Various indoor displays highlighted some of his famous paintings.

    And outdoors ― there he is, his good ear showing. 

     Visitors can emulate ...

The tulips and bulbs are splendiferous in the latest varieties showcased by participating growers.

But that's far from being everything ... it's a good thing a map is provided.

Acres and acres of gloriously designed colour and texture. A dream on every gardener's bucket list.

© 2016 Brenda Dougall Merriman

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