06 October 2016

Friends Send Me ... camel things (4)

They are still coming. Luckily, most are jpegs because I have definitely, emphatically, no room for more of the kind that take up space!

Elayne likes history and humour:

Apropos of archaeological finds, Kath was on the same wavelength:
Alberta Camel Hunting Site

More ancient history (remember him? the late unlamented Prime Minister Harper):

From one of camel master Doug Baum's legion of fans:

From Coralie, camel trainer extraordinaire:

This is Penny about to mount:

This is Judy mounted on a fake Camel:

This is Fred's daughter (so, a friend once removed) clearly enjoying herself; a desert in India he says:

Without doubt, more to come ...
The first three episodes are scattered all over: see "Friends Send Me" in the label list.  

© 2016 Brenda Dougall Merriman

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