20 January 2018

Friends Send Me ... camel things (8)

Repeats may be inevitable from time to time; please forgive. The treasures continue to flow in ...

Cousin Brian educates me; this will be useful. Does he know the Arabic word sounds the same?

Speaking of Brian, both he and Fred thought Camelflage was pretty unique; jungle camouflage?

Below, admittedly lifted wholesale from a friend of Doug Baum. Get it?!

Mon amie Facebook Coralie has her very own personal clown camel called Tyrki.

A stamp? From Hungary? Christine says it's a song.

Can't imagine where Sharon found this but I want!

Richelle bakes onto the interweebs. If this had been real, would I dare to destroy eat it?

Jane and Marian found this memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens: Officers and men of the Imperial Camel Corps Egypt, Sinai, Palestine, 1916-1918.

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