22 July 2015

Friends Send Me ... camel things (3)

Well yes, there are more.
How about this cushion from Judy?

Or this treasured camel bell from Jackie?

Thanks, Anne. I'm still trying to memorize that one.

Irrepressible Kim found this (gasp!) ad. Whatever were the publishers thinking? But you have to admit, can't beat a grin like that. Camels have dentists too. Believe it.

Cathy and Kim, you should know you preempted a blog post about this ... Mr. Dashdondog Jamba delivers home library service Mongolian style.

 Possibly the source of the much-maligned cigarette. I have personally witnessed a camel inhaling.

Fred spotted THIS. JFK airport is world class, no question. Just the perfect arrival point for a mate for my Rahmi.

And if anyone remembers who sent me this, remind me? I think it's called anthropomorphism.

Facebook camel friends (yes, hear us roar) are an endless source of gifts. Some friends have sent photos or news clippings of such magnitude they deserve their own posts. We're not done here yet.

P.S. You can all stop sending me the fabulous National Geographic (Steinmetz) photo of camels and their shadows in the desert. Thank you.

© 2015 Brenda Dougall Merriman

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